What Is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl and VCT Tile can be easily maintained with a simple cleaning and polishing.

Vinyl is a resilient type of flooring made from PVC and various other compounds. These components combined to create different designs and colors.

Originally created as a replacement for rubber floors, vinyl is more durable and unaffected by oxygen exposure or alkaline moisture.

Often used in commercial settings, vinyl floors are easy to clean and resistant to wear. It also comes in various price ranges, therefore making it a possible choice for people on a budget.

Vinyl Flooring comes in many forms from VCT tile to sheet vinyl and the latest trend of luxury vinyl plank.

Advantages of Vinyl and VCT Polishing

Vinyl flooring can handle high traffic for a long time, compared to other floors, which is why it’s so popular for commercial use. A well-maintained vinyl floor can last up to 20 years. Some manufacturers will even give a 15-year warranty!

When your vinyl floor needs a deep clean or redo, you can easily do this with a mechanical buffer and chemical strippers.

The process of making vinyl flooring is inexpensive and, therefore, buying vinyl isn’t expensive either. Different styles and prices do vary between manufacturers. However, it’s not as highly-priced as hardwood or natural stone.

One of the main reasons why many homeowners go straight to vinyl is the various style and color options available.

Above all Vinyl tiles and sheets can mimic a range of patterns and other types of flooring such as concrete, wood, stone and terrazzo.

We recommend a neutral pH floor cleaner for your daily cleaning.

Price List

Wax Removal, clean and Refinish – $0.65/Sq.Ft.

500 sq.ft. – $325

1000 sq.ft. – $650

1500 sq.ft. – $975

2000 sq.ft. – $1300

Vinyl or VCT Clean and Polishing – $0.35/Sq.Ft.

500 sq.ft. – $175

1000 sq.ft. – $350

1500 sq.ft. – $525

2000 sq.ft. – $700

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