Deep Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas
Deep Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas
Deep Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas

We offer deep carpet cleaning services using our portable steam cleaning equipment. As well as, encapsulation (VLM) cleaning depending on styles of carpet. Furthermore, VLM cleaning is the Low Moisture process and will be dried within 2hrs after cleaning is completed. Additionally, we run a soft bristle brush in the same way to groom the carpet as well as remove any additional dirt particles after all.

Simply put, it’s possible to keep your carpets clean without bringing in heavy cleaning equipment.

In a world where we have very high expectations of our vacuums and rent steam cleaners to handle the rest, it’s good to step back and remember that there are efficient ways to keep your carpet looking clean without the machinery.

How to Remove Loose Dirt and Dust From Carpet

Uniquely, without a vacuum you can still clean a rug with a stiff-bristled broom and a dustpan. Furthermore, this is an especially easy method of cleaning if you have a low-pile carpet.

On the other hand, if you’re cleaning thicker, high-piled or shag carpets, be prepared with a little patience and sharp eye, In this instance, it’s easier for dirt to become embedded in the fibers after all.

To make a flimsy broom more effective, wrap the bristles with a rubber band to make them more rigidly bound. Nevertheless, will create a more aggressive bristle for scrubbing

In most cases our deep carpet cleaning prices will include hallway and/or stairs

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Commercial Deep Carpet Cleaning – $0.25/sq. ft.

For commercial carpet cleaning please call us to stop by to give a free estimate we charge $0.25/sq ft and use an encapsulation process leaving the floors cleaned with less drying time. In most cases the carpet will be dry within an hour.

Area Rug Cleaning

Deep cleaning to any area rug will leave your looking and smelling fresh

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